Annélie Delescluse joins the LASC for an FNRS post-doctorate



Annélie Delescluse, socio-anthropologist, joins the LASC for a post-doctorate in Professor Benjamin Rubbers' team.

Annélie's project is entitled: 
Being a foreigner in one's own country: the trajectories of Kasaians in the Katangese copperbelt in the 21st century

Annélie Delescluse is a socio-anthropologist. During her doctoral thesis, she carried out research in outlying neighborhoods of Rabat and Casablanca between 2016 and 2019. Her thesis focuses on the trajectories of Central and West African nationals for whom Morocco is a medium- or long-term country of residence.

The five parts of the thesis are organized around a thematic structuring that puts the body at the center of the analysis. The thesis underlines the process of depreciation of the lives of young black migrants, whose bodies are put to the test by: work on the margins of the wage economy; socio-racial violence, part of a contemporary systemic racism inherited from colonial and slavery prejudices; economic and administrative vulnerability; restrictive and militarized European and Moroccan migration policies (Ceuta and Melilla), dehumanization through assignment to "encampment"; and finally, death. This body, object of suffering and bearer of thwarted hopes, despite some happy outcomes, outlines the condition of black migrants in Morocco and more generally in North Africa.

Annélie Delescluse is currently finalizing a book based on her thesis (Éditions des Presses universitaires de Rennes) and is undertaking post-doctoral research on internal migration in the Democratic Republic of Congo within the LASC. Her research will focus on mobilities from Kasai to the Katangese Copperbelt.

She has taught various subjects in sociology, demography and development studies at Evry Val d'Essonne and Paris-1 Panthéon Sorbonne universities. Annélie Delescluse is a member of LASC and a research associate at UMR Développement et Sociétés (UMR 201-Paris 1/IRD). She is also affiliated with the Laboratoire Mixte International de recherche "Mobilités, Voyages, Innovations et Dynamiques dans les Afriques méditerranéenne et subsaharienne (MOVIDA, IRD) and the Institut Convergences Migrations (ICM).


Annélie Delescluse


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