Intertwining research and arts in migration studies: experiences from the field


27 novembre 2020

Intertwining research and arts in migration studies: experiences from the field

November 27th 2020

An online scientific event hosted by the Global Migrant Festival 2020, as part of the activities of:


IMISCOE Standing Committee Superdiversity, Migration and Cultural Change

The research presented in this panel offers the opportunity to study how migrants – and/or of people with migrant backgrounds – use arts to participate in the socio-cultural context where they live, and to analyse the interaction between researchers and artists in migration studies.

Through describing different experiences from the field, the participants in this session will analyse the interaction between artistic and research approaches while working in connection with migration-related topics. More particularly, through an approach that sees participative methods as crucial in the process of co-construction of knowledge between the researcher and the research participants themselves, our objective is to interrogate the roles of the participants, the methodologies deployed to establish collaborative projects, the reciprocal aims and representations, the possible tensions or conflicts raised, etc.

The format of the panel will be that of an online roundtable with short presentations, so to allow space for informal discussion and debate.


1st session: (Basel Adoum, Laila Dib, Amanda Da Silva, Anthony Lefebvre; moderator Wiebke Sievers)
2nd session: (Shannon Damery, Elsa Mescoli; moderator Marco Martiniello)

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